Downsizing – is it worth it?


At some point, your house is going to feel too big for you. So should you sell up and move somewhere smaller?  Is it worth it, or is it more trouble than its worth? Freeing up capital is the most vaunted reason to downsize, and giving yourself a tasty bundle of tax free cash.  So

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Time to cash in your defined benefit pension – yes or no?


For Baby Boomers getting their first job in the 60s or 70s, the key piece of financial advice was "Get a job with a defined benefit pension and stick to it like chewing gum to a shoe" (substitute your own metaphor here).  That was excellent advice, and for those that followed it (and who's pension

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Family Guy


The 60 somethings of this decade are the baby boomers, guilty of becoming the wealthiest demographic cohort ever, and of destroying the planet in doing so.  They are also becoming the longest lived generation so far, which results in many of us having elderly parents, semi-dependant snowflake children, and grandchildren who are as yet blameless.

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Retirement – are you ready?


Starting work is one thing, after school or college most of us just plunged in without too much aforethought.  Finishing it is altogether different, with no set deadline, or one that jumps out at you.  After shuffling off the workspace, what then?  What will I do with my time?  Can I afford it?  Should I

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The Hard Stuff


Unfortunately, not all of being in your sixties is fun.  Bad things happen, and hard stuff has to be dealt with.  Of those of us entering our 60's, 6% wont make it to our 70's.  Which means 94% of us now know someone close, or very close, who will die in this time.  Dealing with

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