Retirement – The first 100 days


There I was working away in a large multinational, travelling the world, giving people the benefit of my 40 plus years of experience and wisdom, next thing I was retired. The first thing I did was take a holiday, which was very enjoyable, free from all the stress of work. When I got back I

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Opening your own home brewery


If, like me your early experiences of home brewed beer involved the limited range of homebrew kits in the 70s and 80s, you can probably still recall that slightly nauseous ‘homebrew’ taste that they all seemed to have. Being offered a bottle of homebrew usually meant a quick exit to the pub. Well today that's

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Retirement – are you ready?


Starting work is one thing, after school or college most of us just plunged in without too much aforethought.  Finishing it is altogether different, with no set deadline, or one that jumps out at you.  After shuffling off the workspace, what then?  What will I do with my time?  Can I afford it?  Should I

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