The time has come to enjoy your free time and, hopefully, the few quid you have managed to squirrel away over the last 40 or 50 years.  So what to do?

Project 60 will share travel ideas with you, from when and where should I go to for the best safari with cuddly baby lions and cute monkeys, to how can I experience what life was like in the Divis Flats and on the Shankill Road in the ’80s?  There are a million places to go, see and experience, whether far flung or much closer to home, and we will seek out the ones with a bit of difference, over and above the  golf weekend or Mediterranean cruise – although we may throw in a few of those to.

Its not just about holidays either.  Things to do and groups to do them with that aren’t holidays – walking, gardening, movies, books and a plethora of hobbies that you may have scoffed at in your twenties as things your parents did – well, maybe now they are looking more like fun?

This is a hugely important part of your new life, let’s do it right.