The 60 somethings of this decade are the baby boomers, guilty of becoming the wealthiest demographic cohort ever, and of destroying the planet in doing so.  They are also becoming the longest lived generation so far, which results in many of us having elderly parents, semi-dependant snowflake children, and grandchildren who are as yet blameless.

As you move out of working life, how does your position in the family change?   You are already used to the idea that the only people who take any notice of you are the ones at work, and that’s probably only because they have to.  So without the self affirming hierarchy of work, how will you fare in the dog eat dog world of family relationships, given that stopping their pocket money is most probably no longer an option?

Share our stories on becoming a better grandparent without becoming a creche, differing approaches to being a good son or daughter to your ageing parent, and how to recreate a family Christmas that doesn’t involve bloodshed.