Unfortunately, not all of being in your sixties is fun.  Bad things happen, and hard stuff has to be dealt with.  Of those of us entering our 60’s, 6% wont make it to our 70’s.  Which means 94% of us now know someone close, or very close, who will die in this time.  Dealing with that is hard.  There is no way around it, but being connected to people who have been through that already, and come out of the other side, can give tremendous support at such a hard time.  So Project 60 plans to establish that network.

Getting ill is also a favourite pastime of the 60 somethings.  So knowing your rights, where the centres of excellence for various ailments are, how to approach a consultant consultation and come out of it remembering most of what was said, and other useful hard won knowledge can help with those times.

Despite that fact that we should worry less as we’ve manged to get this far, the 60 something worries more about who and what will be left behind when we fall off the perch.  How to prepare for dependent relatives on our demise is a very difficult area, which we will explore and fact find on.

Changing your home, finding a home, all that stuff whilst unattractive needs addressing at some point, and we aim to share stories and experience around at least some of that hard stuff.