You are part of the first generation that is computer literate.  At work you have most probably had a computer on your desk or at home for at least the last 20 years, and whilst you may be no coder and more likely to forget your passwords than hack into NASA, you have a learned ability to use a phone.  It may not be great, but it is there.  For our generation the danger is that ability stagnates, and we lose touch with the world around us.

My own mother is 94 now, and no longer able to manage her phone.  Which means she doesn’t get to see daily pictures of how her great grandson is getting on, or Whatsapp updates from her family group about what they are up to.  Which is a great shame, and at her age perhaps inevitable, but would be tragic if it happened in her – or our – sixties.

So our Technology section is all about keeping you up date with new Apps, new development with clever IT hardware that’s not too hard to use, and other stuff that will keep us in touch with our friends and families despite how the face of information technology changes.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to impress your children and friends as to how tech savvy you are!