Starting work is one thing, after school or college most of us just plunged in without too much aforethought.  Finishing it is altogether different, with no set deadline, or one that jumps out at you.  After shuffling off the workspace, what then?  What will I do with my time?  Can I afford it?  Should I ease my way out with part time working, or just jump?

We will look at all aspects and seek stories from those who have taken the big step, sharing their experiences and advice.

We will also look at useful resources to help you plan and make your decisions in an informed way – budget planners and tax tips, cash flow models to check out your financial readiness.

Stories of what people have done post retirement and what they have benefited most from, whether it is volunteering, part time working, caring for someone, or a hobby they have developed, maybe some of it will give you inspiration.