There are only four things you can do with money: earn it, save it, spend it and give it away.  This Infostream aims to build a catalogue of articles on each of those areas, to help you decide how best to manage all of them.  We are not investment advisors, and certainly wouldn’t claim to be any smarter with money than the next person, but we can take a good hard look at each aspect and give you something to think about and perhaps act on.

Earning it – if you are still working, where can you find more opportunities?  Is it worth selling stuff, from fine wine and old coins to your house, and what have other people’s experience been?

Saving it – pensions form a very important part of your life style, so how do you best deal with them – cash it in or eke it out? Investing can be fun and lucrative and it doesn’t just have to be in funds.  Why not buy a forest, or a stamp? We will look at all types of investment and track how they do.

Spending it – the time has come to accept that you should always travel first class, or your children will.  Now is time for a bit of fun, so how to do that without losing all control, budgets and cash flow planning and other useful tools and resources will be provided.

Giving it away – whether to charity, your loving offspring, or other deserving causes, how can you get the timing right and maximise the usefulness of your hard earned cash?  Are you prepared for the final frontier, with wills, trusts and whatever else in place, or are you happy that the taxman takes it all?