Why Project 60?

Project 60 has been created for those of you thinking of reaching the sunny upslopes of your sixties, and for those of you already on them.  It is the go to place to find all the new stuff that you need in your new world, free or freeish of work, that you have been vaguely aspiring to for decades.

My wife used to say that we make all our big decisions in our twenties – what job we do, where we live, who we live with.  With the benefit of 40 years of hindsight, I’m not so sure we just didn’t slip into those choices without too much forethought.

Now, however, for most of us as retirement approaches there are a myriad of questions we don’t have answers to.  When should I jump?  What will I do with all that time?  Have I enough money?  How will my role change in the family? Should I take up wearing lycra? What are the best holiday ideas? And many more.

Project 60 doesnt have all the answers, but its aim is to provide you the best information resource to start digging out the intelligence you need.

We will cover multiple information streams: Money, Retirement, Family, Health & Fitness, Fun, Technology, Hard Things, and a History Channel to go back 50 years or so to remind you what it was like then.

So take a look and if you enjoy sign up to our newsletter.  We welcome your feedback on all the articles we print, and sharing ideas and experiences that can benefit our readership.  Enjoy!